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About Moore Support Services Inc.

If you are running a medical practice, you know how much time and energy your billing and administrative tasks can take up. That is time and energy better spent on doing what you do best – caring for your patients. What you need is a team of certified professionals you can trust to manage your practice and everyday tasks. Introducing Moore Support Services Inc. We are a dedicated team of professionals committed to elevating your business through our specialized processes in medical billing services, catering to the Spokane, WA region.

About Moore Support Services Inc.

At Moore Support, we are dedicated to caring for the needs of healthcare practices in Spokane, as well as other locations in Washington and Idaho. We have an expert team with over 30 years of experience in a variety of related fields that include:

We follow a strict code of principles of quality, value, and excellence. We insist on professional service and complete confidentiality with each one of our clients, and we are compliant with the current HIPAA regulations.

What Moore Support Services Inc. Can Do For Practices in Spokane, WA

Moore Support Services Inc. is a medical practice management company pleased to offer a full selection of services to assist healthcare practices in Spokane, WA in making their operations efficient, profitable, and compliant. We provide the following critical services:

  • Chart auditing: Let us help you assess any areas of risk in your business, and recommend vital changes to help ensure the compliance of your finances and records.
  • Credentialing services: Our credentialing services provide accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. We are dedicated to streamlining the entire credentialing process to save you time and money.
  • EMR/ EHR packages: We can review your practice needs and integrate your current systems into an electronic health record package.
  • Medical billing: Keeping up with billing and collections is a time-consuming task. Let us take on that burden. We have procedures in place to ensure that all charges are captured, coded, and processed. We can follow up on your claims and balance all payments flowing through the practice, working with your accountants (or ours) to ensure that all records remain up to date and accurate.
  • Medical practice management: We have the capacity to run every aspect of your practice, from legal forms to staffing and communication systems and much more. We can handle selected parts of the business if you prefer, or we can manage your entire practice. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Practice training support: We are a certified training provider for medical staff, offering crucial programs for high-quality patient care, communications, and compliance. Our trainers provide customized courses covering everything from medical charting to accurate diagnosis to insurance procedures.

Don’t allow the administrative aspects of practice management to hold you back from providing optimal care for your patients. At the same time, there is no need for a heavy workload to allow your practice to fall behind on its payments or records, or to become non-compliant with shifting legal standards. If you need medical billing in Spokane, WA, or professional help from a healthcare practice consulting company, contact Moore Support Inc. and speak to us about our comprehensive, flexible service offerings.

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