Medical Practice Training Support Services

Training medical staff is essential for maintaining high standards of patient care, adapting to medical advancements, fostering effective communication, and upholding ethical and legal obligations. It contributes to the overall quality, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare services.
Our trainer is a certified coder with many years of experience in auditing, coaching and counseling providers as well as office staff. Training courses are tailored to your specific practice.

With quality outcomes becoming more prevalent, teaching new providers charting skills to promote accurate diagnosis and documentation of medical conditions and treatment rendered at the time of service will lead to better patient outcomes as well as coding of visits for reimbursement while meeting insurance carrier statistics reporting requirements. Training can help reduce the risk of malpractice claims and lawsuits. When medical staff follow proper documentation procedures, the likelihood of errors leading to legal issues decreases.

Trust is a cornerstone of the doctor-patient relationship. We provide office and administrative staff with tools to prior authorizations, insurance verification, working with insurance carriers and promoting effective written and verbal communication with patients regarding the expense of their care.

Medical professionals and office staff must adhere to ethical standards and legal regulations. Training helps them understand their responsibilities, maintain patient confidentiality, and navigate sensitive issues.

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